Montag, 18. Mai 2015

10. Mai

Eine wunderbare Heiterkeit hat meine ganze Seele eingenommen, gleich den süßen Frühlingsmorgen, die ich mit ganzem Herzen genieße. Ich bin allein und freue mich meines Lebens in dieser Gegend, die für solche Seelen geschaffen ist wie die meine. Ich bin so glücklich, mein Bester, so ganz in dem Gefühle von ruhigem Dasein versunken, daß meine Kunst darunter leidet. Ich könnte jetzt nicht zeichnen, nicht einen Strich, und bin nie ein größerer Maler gewesen als in diesen Augenblicken. Wenn das liebe Tal um mich dampft, und die hohe Sonne an der Oberfläche der undurchdringlichen Finsternis meines Waldes ruht, und nur einzelne Strahlen sich in das innere Heiligtum stehlen, ich dann im hohen Grase am fallenden Bache liege, und näher an der Erde tausend mannigfaltige Gräschen mir merkwürdig werden; wenn ich das Wimmeln der kleinen Welt zwischen Halmen, die unzähligen, unergründlichen Gestalten der Würmchen, der Mückchen näher an meinem Herzen fühle, und fühle die Gegenwart des Allmächtigen, der uns nach seinem Bilde schuf, das Wehen des Alliebenden, der uns in ewiger Wonne schwebend trägt und erhält; mein Freund! Wenn's dann um meine Augen dämmert, und die Welt um mich her und der Himmel ganz in meiner Seele ruhn wie die Gestalt einer Geliebten – dann sehne ich mich oft und denke : ach könntest du das wieder ausdrücken, könntest du dem Papiere das einhauchen, was so voll, so warm in dir lebt, daß es würde der Spiegel deiner Seele, wie deine Seele ist der Spiegel des unendlichen Gottes! – mein Freund – aber ich gehe darüber zugrunde, ich erliege unter der Gewalt der Herrlichkeit dieser Erscheinungen.
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Montag, 9. Februar 2015

It is time

After many years on this blog I have decided it is time to move to a different blog were I can write in privacy again. I wish you all well my beloved twoday'lers.
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Montag, 8. Dezember 2014

My Scale

There are a few heartaches that ice cream cannot fix but that is what we have tears for they will wash everything away. There are days when I open my hands to help and end up with bruises; days when I try to fly and the people I want to save are the ones standing on my cape; there are days when I get in trouble for telling the truth. But these are the days when I have even more reason to say I love. Because there is nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it is sent away.

I know that on a scale from one to over-trusting, I am to damn naive. But I want you to know that this life is made out of sugar. It crumbles easily, but do not be afraid to taste it again because it will still taste sweet. I am a worrier and a warrior, but I am also the girl with small hands and big eyes who will never stop asking for more. I will always apologize when I have done wrong, but I will never apologize for the way my heart refuses to stop loving. And when I get another heartache, and you slip war and hate under my door and offer me only handouts on street-corners of cynicism and defeat, I will tell you again how much I love you.
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Donnerstag, 9. Oktober 2014

Fabrizio De André

Fabrizio de Andrè (1940-99) is often described as an Italian Bob Dylan or Leonard Cohen, but he was so much more. He was a political activist who used the language of music to raise awareness of marginalized people. De Andrè was known for his sympathies towards anarchism, libertarianism, and pacifism, and for his attacks towards the Catholic Church hierarchy hypocrisies. There are not many singers that touch my soul like De Andrè does.
La Canzone Di Marinella has been my all time favorite song since many years. Listen to it on YouTube.
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Donnerstag, 4. September 2014

Amandla the power of Music

You know how it feels when you hear a song that reminds you of a special someone, your emotions go wild and your memories are on express recall. Music is freaking personal and at times overwhelming. Imagine how it feels when your life depends on music. During the Apartheid regime in South Africa people used music to hold onto their hope, for a better life

For most of us, Apartheid is only part of history class, taught from a political point of view. This approach does not reflect the struggle black South-African's experienced during Apartheid, nor does anyone today can relate to it. So why not use music to tell the story!
Amandla (Zulu for Power), a documentary, connects the historic facts to real people and the important role music played during the struggles of black African's with the Apartheid regime.

The stories of revolution songs, footage of marches, interviews with young revolutionaries, and their experience and fears were mind blowing. I can relate, and therefore understand what it must have felt like. I can related and therefore understand how music was used to channel emotions and fears. Amandla tells the story from the peoples eyes. A story about music that throws the obvious in your face: how important the culture of music is to bring on social change.

Without culture a person could barley survive, and music is part of any culture. Music has the power to change your mood it makes you feel damn good, or freaking sad. Music shows your pride. Music is part of understanding cultural heritage. Music forwards ideas and ideals. Music brings people together. Music communicates, creates, and cooperates.

Understanding the Amandla of music, explains why so many oppressed groups use music as an instrument to confront realities, to fight back. The power music and lyrics hold, shows how fundamental important culture is to peoples identity. To understand music helps to see why South African Liberation Movement used music as a weapon to fight against Apartheid: ”Song is something that would communicate with people who otherwise would have not understood were we were coming from. Or you could give them a long political speech and they still wouldn’t understand, but I tell you if you finish that song people would be damn I know where you guys are coming from.” All people understand the language of music.

Even the French Revolution was driven by music, no other revolution led to so much drastically social change. Peasants, sick of their miserable life, wanted change. They fought for a new kind of society, an equal society. The none-aristocratic leaders of the French Revolution took music seriously because they knew it is a powerful tool to change the way people think and feel. In 1795, a school was founded to train bands for the new army, the National Guard. Laws were passed forcing the French people to sing republican hymns in theaters before plays were performed. Composers were encouraged to write revolutionary songs and within ten years more than a thousand songs were written. The most famous of them is Le Marseillaise, which today is know as the French national anthem. The same principle was used during Apartheid. Liberation Movement leaders used music to help connect people for the cause of social change.

Even the recent revolution in Egypt was fueled by music. A revolution that forced Egypt’s leader Mubarak to resign his position. The events in Egypt were just one part of the revolutionary actions of the Arab Spring that swept through Egypt, Libya, and elsewhere. The protesters in Egypt also used songs as a tool. Musician Ramy Essam, who played in Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo during the protest, wrote the song Leave, which was inspired by the slogans and chants that were shouted by the people around the Square:

“We are all united as one,
And what we ask for,
Is just one thing: Leave! Leave!
Down, down Husni Mubarak!
The people demand: Bring down the regime!
He is going away. We are not going anywhere!
We are all united as one,
And what we ask for, Is just one thing: Leave! Leave! Leave!”

All Freedom Songs captured the frustration, anger, and hope of the countries they originated in, just like the songs during Apartheid captured the frustration, anger, and hope of oppressed South Africans. So next time you listen to music feel the Amandla music has, and the impact that comes with such great power to change a society.

Watch Amandla here or if you have a HULU account watch it there.
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Freitag, 14. Juni 2013

Go see the Rain Room @ the MoMA in NYC

If you happen to be in Manhattan these coming days. You should not miss the RAIN ROOM @ MoMA.
You will walk through the rain without getting wet. It is awesome!

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Freitag, 11. Mai 2012

One of my favorit paintings by Edward Hopper


"The long Leg"
55 x

One of my favorit paintings by Edward Hopper


"The long Leg"
1883 x

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In meinem Fall schon ;-).
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10. Mai
Eine wunderbare Heiterkeit hat meine ganze Seele eingenommen,...
anna25bell - 18. Mai, 23:43
man beendet nicht so ohne weiteres seinen blog ;)
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